About Coeus Automation

Coeus Automation is founded by an expert who has more than 20+ years of automation design experience in Indian ISRO Satellites and Electric Power Systems. With this expertise, we bring you an automation system for your home to make it smart.

We integrate and provide smart home solution with best in class products. We make your home smart and secure with wireless door/window sensors, vibration sensors, motion sensors, camera, door locks and other systems for smart security. We provide wireless relays to control your home lighting, air conditioner, heating systems and integrate with smart mobile app. The solution provides advanced home security, optimal energy use in homes with added comfort of remote operations from mobile phones.

We provide products for the home automation solution which follow international wireless standards using Z-Wave protocol. Since Z-wave follows different unlicensed bands for different countries, we have chosen products which comply with Indian unlicensed frequency bands for use in home automation systems. The products which we recommend and use are the best brands internationally and which have high reliability. Often, it’s not the cheapest products that results in the lowest cost of Home automation solutions but the high reliability products.

Since you will be handing over some of the operations of the home to automation system, we have chosen products which comply to secure encrypted protocols with multilevel secure connections, but also provide you exemplary after sales support. The responsiveness of our after sales support is complemented by our team to explain you and your family members in the operation of the automation system after installation.

The range of products we integrate is now in wide use internationally and all over the country. We will support our customers with an unmatched level of responsiveness and a helpful attitude.