Our Solutions

Energy Optimization

Proximity sensors/ Motion sensors/ Wireless controlled Relays/ Two way wireless relays/ Curtain Motors/ energy optimization settings on Mobile App.

Smart Home mobile app, Remote Home control

Smart Home mobile app, Remote Home control
  • Our solution is based on optimally placing motion sensor and occupancy sensors in rooms, Lobbies, walkways, entrances to detect the occupancy, motion and switch on lights and fans only when the room is occupied and switch off when there is no occupant in the room for long time.
  • Sense Outdoor light to turn your lights in the Garden/Compound Area when it gets Dark and Turn off by Bed time or at Sunrise time
  • Turn your lighting needs during predefined times(Turn On the Living room, Bed, Kitchen, walkway lights based on default setting in the evening and turn off by a schedule time or at scheduled time if no one is present)
  • Switch off appliances/lights/geysers/AC remotely if they are left on by mistake
  • Turn off unwanted lights when there is a power failure
  • Remotely control the Lights (When you are way from home, Control your home from Abroad or other Area within your city)
  • Dim for ambience/mode setting
  • Schedule your Lights on/off- Alarm/Timer
  • Set Rules(Switch of the lights when the door is closed or turn off all lights by 11pm)
  • Set Scenarios for Party, Movie Watching, Day or Night
  • Get Alerts on your mobile app when there is an unauthorized use.

Home Security

Occupancy Sensors/ Motion Sensor /Camera/Flood Sensor/ Smoke Sensor/Door Lock/Vibration sensor/ Garage Door controller/ Panic Button

  • Motion Sensors automatically sends alert if there is an abnormal movement in your home.
  • Sensors detect Door/Window opening & send Email/SMS alerts
  • Switches on lights based on time and preset conditions on door open/close
  • Detect window glass break with vibration sensors and send alert on your phone.
Smart Home mobile app, Remote Home control

Smart Home mobile app, Remote Home control
  • Camera automatically captures & transmits picture of intruder via Email
  • Pan & Tilt/Fixed Cameras to monitor elderly, kids, household help
  • Night Vision Cameras that can take good pictures even in total darkness
  • Check on your home from anywhere in the world
  • Outdoor Camera for 24*7 Monitoring
  • Detect Smoke and send fire alert on your mobile and turn on alarms, Turn off mains power except emergency lights.
  • Operate your Alarm Sirens during Emergency

  • Door Locks can be remotely unlocked using Web Browser or Phones (Ex. If your child or spouse had forgotten to carry keys, you can remotely open the door lock).
Smart Home mobile app, Remote Home control

Smart Home mobile app, Remote Home control
  • Video Door Phone Solutions with two way communication (Can be activated on pressing the calling bell, no need to have separate cameras).

  • Access your logs to see when & who opened the Door Lock.
Smart Home mobile app, Remote Home control